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      South America

      South America: four border controls, a storm, a collapsed road between Panama and Colombia, three flat tyres in two days, a shortage of drinking water and only coconuts, bananas and eggs to eat. Ten days alone with the mosquitoes, bugs, beetles, crabs and pelicans. This was just one chapter in a long story that never saw Paolo or his Lidia get discouraged.

      January 2011

      “We’ve been here for six days, but it feels like forever. There’s no electricity and, as I write, the battery is rapidly running out. We’ve been eating coconuts that fall from the trees for a week and luckily we also found some wild chickens’ eggs, which we downed in one; a bit of protein will definitely do us good.
      The night of February 8th was really hard brothers, I was so hungry that I had severe stomach cramps and I was really weak. As if that wasn’t enough, there were two short earth tremors, nothing serious but when you’re in the desert and feel the earth move beneath you, it’s a bit of a shock. Ever since I started flying on a Ducati I’ve often found myself in dangerous or nasty situations and that’s the way it is, that’s the life of a biker like myself: corners, burnt rubber, rain, sun, wind, snow, hooligans, the police, wars and sometimes blood on the road, but the only thing that matters is to keep on moving...

      ...12,000 km in two weeks after 9 months of flying and here we are in Ushaia, Argentina… the Fin del Mundo. I positioned Lidia in front of the sign in the usual way… but this time the set-up was a little different. In the previous photos Lidia was always pointing away from me, looking down the road we had to follow… but not this time… first I took a picture of her facing me and then a side view… she couldn’t keep going in the same direction when we were at the end of the world. Lidia and I always look where we’re going… the road we’re going to fly along and the corners we’re going to sweep around.”


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