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      Life in the fast lane, American style. Fireworks and the Italian national anthem marked Paolo’s entrance into the USA and then, after his interview at the Fox 59 TV studios, it was a series of corners, leans, tarmac, cold, ice, snow and temperatures of minus 8. Finally, after a long “engagement”, Paolo married Lidia in Las Vegas

      November- December 2010

      "We were doing fine and carried on opening up the throttle. Lidia was all illuminated beneath the street lights. I had my black visor on as always and the magic of the night and the lights made Lidia look even more beautiful than usual. As we carried on our way, I looked over to my right and a shiver ran down my spine… there was the Statue of Liberty… all lit up…

      A grin spread across my face below my helmet and I gave Lidia a pat… we’d made it, through the cold, the snow and temperatures of minus 8. We were in New York! The Kansas City DOC was waiting for us at exit 295 of Route 40 (at least I think that’s what it was), just a few miles from our destination for the day. As soon as we’d come off the highway Lidia and I caught sight of the club members together with a police escort. Just a few more metres and we were there, after a flight of 9 hours, covering about 900 km. We took one corner, then another, one more and… we saw fireworks going off above our heads and a crowd of people waiting to welcome us with a familiar round of applause. We just had time to say hello to everybody, take a few photos and we were off again.
      The cold weather we had to endure for days did not make things easy for us. But the USA will remain with us because of two of the most memorable moments on this trip. On my birthday I met my mum in Miami... the guys at Ducati North America had organised for her to fly over and it was the best gift I could have wished for!

      And what’s more brothers, I GOT MARRIED!. Yep, I got to Las Vegas and couldn’t resist – as you can see from the photos, Lidia and I tied the knot. Partners for life, that’s us!"


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