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      Asian Ducati Week - Malaysia

      A huge event to attend, a surprise from Borgo Panigale and Troy Bayliss for Paolo and Lidia in Malaysia.

      October 2010

      "We arrived a day early and the next day would see the start of the great Ducati party in Asia… the first ever of its kind… and we were there too and wanted, as always, to enjoy every single minute… It was the first Ducati Week celebration I was attending as an ordinary Ducatista, I’ve been organising the Ducati Dreams Club ITALIA participation at the WDW for years and there have never been fewer than 100 of us going, so I’ve always had plenty to do. On the morning of the first day of the Asian Ducati Week we were woken up by the soft rumble of the first Ducatis, and I could feel the adrenalin flowing faster… they were on their way! After about an hour we arrived at the dinner venue… my heart was in my mouth… there were more Ducati flags and a whole host of staff on hand with permanent smiles on their faces… it was so nice to see everyone beaming!! After a few minutes I heard the hostess say my name. There followed an intense quarter of an hour of questions from both the hostess and the Ducatistas in the room… there were so many of them... and that wasn’t all! The CEO del Torchio’s face appeared on the big video screen, followed by Diego Sgorbati, Andrea, Chiara, Monica and Livio from the museum… it was a special message for me brothers, direct from Italy… I was completely speechless!

      At 8 am the day after I went down to the lobby and looked for Troy at the tables in the bar. I spotted him straight away. Mirko (Bordiga, Ducati Asia, ed.) was with him too and he introduced me saying “I’m sure you remember this guy” and Troy stood up with a smile and replied “Of course, how are you Paolo?” I got to the track at around 9 am and this time Troy was waiting for me there, in his leather suit he’s another person, himself sure, but with a Ducati suit. And then my dream came true: they lent me a suit and a bike so I could ride a few laps with Troy, betraying Lidia who was waiting for me outside... but who could turn down a chance like that?"


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