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      Two hours in passport control and half an hour to wait and see if they could enter Japan. The 40 degrees in the shade was soon forgotten when they came across their first Ducati and enjoyed a day in the company of the Arai CEO. Sitting on his tatami, armed with a pair of chopsticks, Paolo celebrated his arrival in Japan.

      August 2010

      “We moored at 9 am on 6 August and if it’s true that you can tell how things are going to go by the way they start … We left the boat on foot and after “just” two hours of passport control, form filling, visa checks and digital fingerprints, we were ready to get back on board and fetch Lidia. We rolled off together then and were met with a wonderful surprise – there waiting for us was Yuzuru, who I’ve enjoyed a lot of fun times with in Italy ... he bowed his head in the typical local greeting and then gave us a big hug! After this brief yet intense cultural diversion I went back to my Lidia so we could get on the road towards Uonuma, about 500km from Hikone, where the RS group (Ducati Club) were expecting us. The distance didn’t put us off but the heat was something else. Along the way, we had to stop and fill up at the first service area and we had the pleasant surprise of meeting our first Ducati in Japan, which was really exciting! In the morning the President and all the club members invited us to take part in the last stretch of their ride which would take them back to Tokyo. Apparently there were some great corners, so how could Lidia and I refuse... there were indeed some excellent corners and lots of classic Ducatis... Lidia is still smiling! We got to Kawasaki, where there’s a Ducati store (yes, exactly, Ducati Kawasaki...) and met the Japanese clubs there. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Junichi, the store owner, the AZZURRI Ducati Club, the Desmocafè Club and its President Yoshii, and a new club which has applied to become a DOC. Thank you Japan. I was amazed by your technology even if I didn’t like it, but the most stunning thing was your people, their politeness, their respect, balance, precision, smiles, sense of peace, courtesy and above all, your Ducatistas.. my family.”


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