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      Moscow and Siberia

      A month into the trip, with Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia already under their belts, Paolo and Lidia arrived in Russia. He endured a stone hitting his helmet, a flat rear tyre twice in 100 km, and roads with no tarmac, while non-stop rain welcomed them to Siberia. And there was another complete surprise in store, literally: Dimitri, a Ducatista they met at the Moscow store, came along for the ride to Vladivostok.

      July 2010

      “Moscow was the first stop on this long, Soviet section of the ride; we’ve calculated about 9000 km to Vladivostok, but we’ll see the exact total when we get there. Moscow, like all the other cities, gave us a warm welcome and as usual the friendliness and hospitality of our Ducatista brothers was amazing. It isn’t easy to find the right words to thank all of you in my Ducati family, for everything you do to make me feel at home, and for your smiles when you see Lidia and I rolling up…. we will never forget any of you… in fact you will stay with us as we ride along, kilometre after kilometre… There was a great surprise in store for us at the Moscow Ducati Store: a Ducatista brother, Dimitri, came up and introduced himself, shook my hand and told me he had never been on a bike trip; then he asked me: “Can I come with you?” … just a few simple words, which hit me like a rocket though; I couldn’t believe it, a Ducatista brother, on the back of his Multistrada, and he wanted to travel alongside for a while; “Of course you can come with me, it will be an honour” I replied.

      It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to Dimitri at the end of this stretch either: we shared our food, problems, the rain, the mud and... a whole lot of laughs. Now he has to go back. A handshake, a few words, a last look and… “see you again bro!”


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