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      Eastern Europe

      They travelled all the way to Moscow: enjoying the events and warm hospitality of their Ducati brothers, with breathtaking views on the way. Paolo and Lidia’s journey had got off to a great start.

      June 2010

      “ I want to tell you about Denmark and its wonderful people. We travelled all day on Thursday and got to a town 60 miles away from the capital, Copenhagen. Since I did not want to arrive in the city in the evening, I decided to stop at a campsite with all mod cons; it was clean and the people there were polite and helpful, a perfect spot for anyone who sleeps under the stars (or almost) … I arrived ON TIME at 11 o’clock for my meeting with Soren, Denmark DOC president. I just had to mention that since I’m not known for my timekeeping... There was just enough time to smoke a cigarette, then I heard the rumble of his stunning 749, which apart from the fairing isn’t really a 749 any more, the rest is a 924 and has been put together by Soren himself; a handshake, a hug and then we went on a tour of the city. On Saturday morning I had breakfast with a big group of Denmark DOC members, who coincidentally are celebrating the club’s 25th anniversary this year. They gave me a wonderful “Special25” T-shirt which they had all signed. After some photos and a lot of laughs, we were aboard the bike again…on the way to SORO, about 100 km away, where Finn was waiting for me; a Denmark DOC member and a real character with a haul of 620 motocross cups…”


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